EPA advises to refrain from activities that damage water and sewerage systems

Work being carried out at a water system installation. (Photo/MWSC)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA has cautioned residents not to conduct any activities that might harm or damage the water and sewerage systems of islands.

A statement sent out by EPA on Wednesday said that an increasing amount of cross-connections built between water from the water systems and other sources has been noticed and that there was a high chance of the water supply being contaminated due to these actions. 

Other points highlighted by EPA in the statement include:

1)    Unclean water due to flooding and rain from roof drain pipes connected to the water system.

2)    Lifting the manhole covers to drain the water in flood-prone areas.

3)    Digging holes to get rid of waste matter at residences

4)    Catch pits and junctions located in residences

EPA stated that actions such as these result in huge damage being caused to water and sewerage systems that include the risk of contaminating the water supply as well as difficulties and costs of maintenance and urged the public to refrain from such actions in the future.