Home Minister urges police to operate within the law

Special ceremony held to celebrate the 86 year anniversary of Maldives Police Service. (Photo/President's Office)

Home Minister Imran Abdullah has instructed the police to operate within the law even during difficult situations.

Speaking at a special ceremony held in Iskandar Koshi to commemorate the Memorial Day of police, Minister Imran stated that the duties of a police officer would not gain them the love or assistance of everyone and will have to face people operating outside the boundaries of the law which will bring those in the line of duty face to face with extremely difficult situations.

“I am advising everyone in the police to remember that when you are faced with a difficult situation you need to maintain your behavior and remember that you are facing it on behalf of everyone else, so that every perilous situation you face can be taken as a lesson and be accepted by everyone” said Minister Imran.

The Minister also urged officers to be vigilant and courageous when facing the harassing and difficult situations that police face every day and strive to maintain the high standards of the force in such situations so that they can be faced by everyone in the force together.