Coastguard recovers body of missing migrant from underwater

An aerial shot of the location from which a migrant crew member of a fishing boat went missing on July 19, 2019. (Photo/MNDF)

The migrant crewmember of fishing boat who went missing at sea has been found dead.

Maldives National Defense Force spokesperson, Captain Ibrahim Azim says the migrant, a Bangladeshi national, was reported missing at 8:50 am on Friday.

The boat, Saahiba, had been docked off the coast of K. Gulhifalhu when the incident took place.

The migrant worker went missing after diving underwater to pull up the boat’s anchor.

MNDF reports his body was found 21 meters underwater by a team of Coastguard divers engaged in the search and rescue mission at 4:21 pm.

His body has now been transported to Male' City.

There were eight more – all Maldivian nationals - on board the fishing boat when the incident took place.