British expert arrives in Maldives to enhance local police work

Sir Hugh Stephen Roden Orde (L) meets with Police Commissioner Hameed (R) (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

The former Chief Constable of Northern Ireland’s police service, Sir Hugh Stephen Roden Orde has arrived in the Maldives to advance and develop the local police work and to give technical advice to the Maldives Police Service.

Sir Hugh Orde will be in the Maldives from July 13  to 19 and will engage in discussions with senior officers of the Maldives Police Service in furthering the local police work and procuring new ways of working with British authorities have been planned.

Forming strategies to enforce the law and working alongside the local community while maintaining professional standards and attaining successful criminal convictions based on intelligence and evidence as well as collaborating with other institutions such as the military are on the agenda during these discussions.

Sir Hugh Orde also has meetings scheduled with other important government figures during his stay in the Maldives.

As someone who has served in several major posts in the British police since 1977, Sir Hugh Orde’s arrival in the Maldives is a part of British assistance to further enhance the capabilities of the Maldivian Police.