Ungoofaaru to hold secret ballot on subcontracting key public services

R. Ungoofaaru. (File Photo/

R. Ungoofaaru Council has made the decision to hold a secret ballot from among its residence to gauge public opinion on subcontracting its electrical power, sewerage and waste management services to a private company.

In a statement this Thursday, Ungoofaaru Council said the secret ballot will be held on July 6.

All Ungoofaaru citizens who are of or above the age of 18 years by July 5 will be eligible for the vote.

Two ballot boxes will be kept in Ungoofaaru and an additional box in Male’ City – if there are at least 50 registered voters to the box, said the council.

Those who wish to register for the ballot box in Male’ City are required to complete their registration by June 30.

Registration to the Male’ box can be done through a text message to 9892100 with the full name, national identity card number, permanent address and the keyword “Male’”.

President of Ungoofaaru Council, Abdul Naseer Ali reports voters will also have the opportunity to write their suggestions for a company to subcontract the management of the powerhouse, sewerage facility and waste management facility in the ballot paper.

The council reports that all the costs incurred to hold the vote will be financed from the citizens budget of the council.