Bidding to be opened on Kanimeedhoo island for resort development


Ministry of Tourism has decided to put Thaa Atoll Kanimeedhoo on bid to develop the island as a resort.

Sun Online received confirmation from a reliable source that the Ministry will open the bidding process for the island during this week.

Kanimeedhoo is a 60.6 hectares large island primarily used for agricultural purposes. The island between Th. Thimarafushi and Th. Veymandoo. Kanimeedhoo is also a famous nesting point for sea turtles.

Some citizens, however, raise concerns about the island's use for tourism rather than for agricultural reasons.

Speaking against Kanimeedhoo's development as a resort, Th. Hirilandhoo Education and Social Society Association said that using the resources for tourism development is not an acceptable policy. They said it is essential to have land specially for the purpose of agriculture.

They advocate bringing islands with over 40 hectares of land space under the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.

Islands with greater land space has previously also been given to be developed as a resort. Th. Elaa is one such island that has been offered to be developed as a resort. However, in 15 years, the island has yet to be a developed resort.

Kanimeedhoo was previously leased to a private individual for a lengthy period of time for the purposes of agriculture and fisheries. However, the island was taken back by the government of Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom after paying compensation money. Former vice president Ahmed Adeeb also had talks about developing the island as a resort.