Dr. Farzana, champion of Maldivian thalassemia community passes away

Dr. Farzana Khatoon. (File Photo)

Dr. Farzana Khatoon, who was awarded  for her valuable and long-standing service to the Maldivian Thalassemia Society (MTS), has passed away.

Dr. Farzana passed away in a comatose state in the UK.

Maldivian thalassemia patients and their families have reached out to Dr. Farzana’s family to convey their condolences.

Dr. Farzana had served at the MTS for over 20 years, winning a permanent place within the hearts of the Maldivian thalassemia community.

MTS itself has issued a statement noting her kindness and friendliness in dealing with thalassemia patients.

Dr. Farzana had played a pivotal role in establishing resources needed for better treatment of thalassemia patients in Maldives.

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Farzana was the widow of ENT doctor Dr. Mohamed Waheed. They are survived by three children.

Dr. Farzana had been living in the UK since her retirement.