Adeeb leaves to India for medical treatment

Former vice president Ahmed Adeeb and wife Mariyam Nashwa to depart for India at Velana International Airport. (Photo/Social Media)

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb left to India this Friday morning for medical treatment.

Correctional services of Maldives gave Adeeb approval to go overseas to get the medical attention he needed last Tuesday. At the time, the case of sending Adeeb overseas for medical treatment was in the High Court.

Adeeb went to Velana International Airport for departure this Friday morning.

Adeeb would be followed by three correction officers and three police officers during his time in India.

Officers of Maldives Police Service left to India last Thursday to asses the place Adeeb would be staying at during his trip.

While people have shown their disapproval and concern regarding Adeeb's medical trip, members of Correctional Services, Maldives Police Services, and Home Ministry have also been summoned to the Parliament’s Committee of National Security.

Adeeb’s family informs that Adeeb is going overseas with guidance from three doctors to receive treatment for Glaucoma.

Adeeb's wife Mariyam Nashwa, said Adeeb would perform an operation on his retina during this trip and be screened for cancer.