Attorney General welcomes JSC’s decision to suspend Supreme Court Justice

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath (C). (File Photo)

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath has hailed Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to suspend Supreme Court Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi.

JSC made its decision to suspend Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi in a meeting held with AG Riffath himself present last Wednesday.

In a tweet regarding the decision, the AG said that it was compulsory for the commission to issue a decision within 48 hours if an agency is running a criminal probe against a judge. He said that it was also normal practice in the modern world for a judge to voluntarily step down if he is in the middle of a criminal probe.

“I welcome JSC’s decision!” tweeted Riffath.

JSC has announced it made the decision to suspend Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi after Maldives Police Service opened a criminal probe into him. It did not disclose the specifics of the probe.

Speaker of Parliament, President Mohamed Nasheed, in May, filed a case with JSC requesting an investigation into the allegation Justice Ahmed Abdulla Didi received USD 1 million in bribe money via a deposit to his spouse, Aniya Abdul Gafoor’s bank account in 2015.