Smoking to be prohibited on roads of Male'

A road of Male' City. (Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Male’ City Council has made the decision to prohibit smoking on the roads of Male’ City.

The council made its decision during a meeting held last Wednesday night.

Member of the council Hussain Shareef stated that the decision was made to provide a better, safer and healthy environment to children and pregnant women.

“The pavement is very small. They keep smoking on the pavement and exhaling the smoke onto the faces of pedestrians walking by, which results in the children and pregnant woman walking by to inhale the smoke. We have receive a lot of complaints over this,” stated Shareef.

Shareef said the decision to prohibit smoking at public roads will come to effect six months later. He said that the council will be holding discussions with the authorities to make the necessary regulations regarding the prohibition.

Smoking is prohibited in some areas, cafes and restaurants of Male’ even now. Failure to adhere to adhere to the prohibition is punishable by a fine.