PG's Office returns case against 39 parliamentary candidates to EC

Prosecutor General, Aishath Bisham on May 10, 2017. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The Prosecutor General’s Office has declined to process the case sent by Elections Commission (EC) for charges against the parliamentary election candidates and their agents who failed to submit their financial declarations over incomplete information, and has asked the commission to resubmit the case after completing all necessary information.

386 candidates contested the parliamentary election held in Maldives on April 6. 347 of the candidates managed to submit their financial declarations on time, while 39 of the candidates failed.

Spokesperson and member of EC, Ahmed Akram reported to ‘Sun’ that the Prosecutor General’s Office declined to process the case and returned it to the commission over lack of statements taken from the candidates and the agents in question.

Akram says the Prosecutor General’s Office has asked the commission resubmit the case along with the statements.

Akram says the commission has now begun questioning the candidates and agents with assistance from Maldives Police Service.


  • 31 independent candidates
  • 2 candidates from Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)
  • 2 candidates from Maldives Third-Way Democrats (MTD)
  • 2 candidates from Maldives Labor and Social Democratic Party (MLSDP)
  • 1 candidate from People’s National Congress (PNC)
  • 1 candidate from Adhaalath Party (AP)

General Elections Act declares failure of candidates to submit their financial declarations within 21 days after polling day as a criminal offense, punishable by a fine of MVR 6,000 to MVR 24,000 or a prison sentence of six months to two years.