President: Senahiya would be a developed hospital in 2 months

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking in the event held to celebrate the 127th anniversary of Maldives National Defense Force at Kalhuthukala Koshi on April 23rd 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that Senahiya Hospital – Maldives National Defense Force Hospital, would be a developed hospital in two months.

Health services provided by Senahiya Hospital at present is up to clinical standard.

Speaking in the event held at Kalhuthuhkala Koshi last Tuesday night to celebrate the 127th Anniversary of MNDF, President Solih stated that preparations to make Senahiya a developed hospital are ready and the hospital would be developed in the next two months with more advanced services.

“Within the next two months Senahiya would be a developed hospital. New and more advanced services will be available from the Hospital,” stated President Solih.

President Solih noted that the government heeds to provide MNDF Officers and their families with good health care. He stated that the allowances and leaves available to the officers have been made more lenient than before. He stressed that the allowances would be increased in the future.

While the President has stated that the Hospital would be more developed within the next two months, a general ward and an operation theater was opened in the Hospital last November.

Defense Minister Maria Ahmed Didi stated at that time that the introduction of a general ward and an operation theater is part of the plan to make Senahiya a developed hospital.

Even though Senahiya is a hospital built specifically for MNDF officers, the hospital has been providing services to the general public.