Ex-PS Saeed to file wrongful termination lawsuit over dismissal

File photo of (from L-R) President of Civil Service Commission, Dr. Ali Shameem; then-Minister of Education, Dr. Aishath Shiham; and then-Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education, Mohamed Saeed. (File Photo/Sun)

Former Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education, Mohamed Saeed reports he plans on filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against the State over his dismissal.

Saeed was dismissed from his post as PS on Wednesday, April 17, after three months under suspension as a committee of the Civil Service Commission conducted an inquiry into an allegations filed against him by Minster of Education, Aishath Ali.

Announcing the decision to dismiss Saeed, CSC said the committee found enough evidence against him to warrant the dismissal.


  • An employee of the education sector having gone to Muliaage to take part in campaign events during a presidential election during official working hours
  • An employee of the education sector divulging personal information regarding other education sector employees to campaign officials at Muliaage
  • Failure to verify the authenticity of termination letters submitted on two education sector employees

In a statement addressing the allegations against him, Saeed said he never, during his time as PS, authorized any education sector employee leave to take part in any political activity in Muliaage or anywhere else.

He said the CSC found no evidence to support the allegation against him.

Saeed also said that he never ordered any employee to collect and disclose personal information regarding any education sector employee. He said that the IT section of Ministry of Education had the power to locate any e-mail that may support the claim, but had failed to do so.

‘It was the Civil Service Commission which enforced the penalties decided against the two employees in question. And it is the Civil Service Commission which must take responsibility for any error in the penalties imposed, or any error in any of the steps towards imposition of the penalties,” wrote Saeed, in regard to the third allegation against him.