Foreign Minister condemns bombings in Sri-Lanka

Area of bombing that took place in Sri-Lanka on April 21, 2019.

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahidh has expressed his condemnation of the terrorist attacks on three hotels and three churches of Sri-Lanka this Sunday.

Reports show that 161 are dead and over 450 injured due to the bombings that took place around 8:45 am, Sri-Lanka timee.

Minister tweeted that he condemns the heinous terroristic attack and send deepest condolences to the people of Sri-Lanka and affected families.

Three hotels that were bombed is hotels frequented by Maldivians visiting the country and a high number of Maldivians live in Sri-Lanka.

Minister also tweeted that the Embassy in Colombo is closely monitoring the situation and status of Maldivians in Sri Lanka

The bombing of three Christian churches have taken place close to the Easter celebrated by Christians.