Will break up protests without warning if violence breaks out: Police

The Police have said that the protests following the publication of the report of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) will be broken up without warning, if violence breaks out.

Superintendent of Police Abdullah Nawaz told reporters at a press conference at Iskandar koshi today that information had been received of planned violence in relation to CNI’s report.

He stressed that the Police will cooperate with peaceful protests as allowed in the Constitution; however, if protesters obstruct Police duties or break through barricades, necessary action will be taken to stop them.

“We have received information of plans to create violence following the CNI’s report, especially in Male’. We urge the public to refrain from such activities, and would like to inform that such activities will not be tolerated by the Maldives Police Service,” he said.

Police Special Operations have been under way since last night, with eight arrests made so far.

The Police also informed that over the past 24 hours, 99 people, 258 vehicles and 17 areas have been checked; while 184 people on the road have been stopped for questioning.

Nawaz said that the Police will ensure that the events of 8 February are not repeated in any region of the Maldives, including Addu.

The Police have expressed confidence that they can control any break out of violence, as they are fully prepared for unrest tomorrow.