Janah re-elected as President of MNACI

Mohamed Ali Janah, President of MNACI and Chairman of Hotels and Resort Construction (HRC). (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Mohamed Ali Janah, Chairman of Hotels and Resort Construction (HRC), has been re-elected as President of the 17th session of Maldives National Association of Construction Industry (MNACI).

Janah secured his bid for re-election during the annual general meeting held by MNACI last Tuesday night.

Only 34 of MNCI’s 86 members attended the meeting. And Janah won his re-election bid with the unanimous consensus of all 34 members in attendance.

Four more officials were elected to MNACI’s ExCo last Tuesday. They are:

  • Alaau Ali, Alia Construction – Vice President
  • Abdulla Solah, Damas – Vice President
  • Adnan Haleem, Ali Havaasa Construction and Carpentry – Secretary-General
  • Hassan Habeeb, Mims Construction – Treasurer

MNACI also elected an Assistant Treasurer and 15 members to its Steering Committee.

They all secured their posts with the unanimous consensus of all members in attendance at the annual general meeting.

The term of MNACI’s Steering Committee is two years.

MNACI also announced its projected budget for 2019, which lists MVR 1.63 million as its projected income and MVR 1.62 million as its projected expenditure.

MNACI, during the annual general meeting, provided recognition to the person who made the biggest financial contribution to MNACI in 2018 - President of MNACI, Janah. It also announced the decision to continue awarding recognition to the person/company which makes the biggest financial contribution to the association during every annual general meeting.

Speaking during the meeting, Janah appealed to industry partners not to engage in any behavior which would result in the destruction of the country’s construction industry, no matter how intense the competition between construction companies.

Janah is also the 45th President of International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA). The 45th IFAWPCA Convention is scheduled to be held in Maldives this year.

As MNACI begins its 17th session, the Maldivian construction industry struggles with mounting pressure over continued construction accidents which have resulted in fatalities.

The association, in March, issued a statement urging the State to establish a mechanism to ensure construction sites are regularly monitored.