Crew of Maldivian flight Q2118 commended for successful landing!

(From L-R) First Officer Rimah Rushdhi, Captain Abdul Baasith Ibrahim, and In-Flight Supervisor Hasna Mohamed. (Photo/Twitter/Maldivian)

Crew of Maldivian’s flight Q2118 is getting a lot of compliments and positive remarks from the public after their successful landing.

According to the PR and Communication Manager of Island Aviation, Moosa Waseem, the flight spent one hour and twenty minutes in air in a holding pattern above Gan International Airport due to mechanical error in the landing gear before carrying out a successful alternative landing procedure this Tuesday.

With Gan International Airport at high alert with news of the malfunction, the crew, Captain Abdul Baasith Ibrahim, First Officer Rimah Rushdhi and In-Flight Supervisor Hasna Mohamed carried out an alternative landing which was successful and safe with zero casualties.

The flight was carrying 44 adults and one child.

Maldivian has tweeted a picture of the crew commending them on the safe landing and expressing pride at having such well-trained staff.

Passengers on board the flight and members of the general public have also taken to social media to commend the crew.

One man expressed gratitude to the crew for safely landing the flight which had his two children onboard.

“Maldivian’s pilots are no joke,” wrote one Twitter user.