Parliament backs Habeeb for reappointment to EC

Ismail Habeeb during a press conference by Elections Commission (EC). (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The Parliament has provided his backing to Ismail Habeeb for reappointment to his post as a member of Elections Commission.


16 candidates had applied for the post of member of EC, which would have opened on March 13, when Habeeb’s five-year term ended.

The 16 candidates were evaluated by the Independent Institutions Committee of the Parliament, which awarded the highest marks to Habeeb.

Habeeb was awarded 90.28 percent marks, while his closest competition, Ahmed Moosa was awarded 75.57 percent.

Habeeb won the backing of the Parliament for reappointment with the vote of 58 lawmakers this Wednesday afternoon.

Habeeb’s was the first name called to vote. No other names were called to vote by Speaker Ibrahim Qasim when Habeeb’s name passed.


  • Ahmed Shareef, President
  • Amjad Mustafa, Vice President
  • Ahmed Akram, Spokesperson
  • Ali Nashaath
  • Ismail Habeeb