MPL publishes its rates for public perusal

Male' Commercial Harbor. (File Photo/Sun/Ali Naseer)

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has published a list of its rates for import of goods to Maldives via sea freight.

MPL, in a statement last Monday night, expressed concern over agents, brokers and private forwarders extracting an array of fees from importers by falsely claiming it as payments owed to MPL.

The company said it was receiving multiple complaints from importers over the issue. And has therefore decided to publish its rates for public perusal.

MPL has published a list of handling and wharfage rates for clearance of containerized good and other goods.

The company stressed that it will not take any more charges for clearance except for the handling and wharfage charge unless any additional services are taken.

MPL is currently working on addressing the congestion facing the Male’ Commercial Harbor, acknowledged by the company as the biggest and most pressing challenge facing local traders.

MPL plans on relocating the Male’ Commercial Harbor to K. Thilafushi.