Immigration: Operation found 69 expats illegally in Maldives

Republic Square in Male' City. (Sun photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Department of Immigration has said that 69 expatriates found in the special operation last week were in the country illegally. 

Media Officer of Immigration, Hassan Haleem told Sun Media today that they found 80 expatriates with no form of documents. Out of which 11 were released when their Sponsors came in for them. 

He said that the remaining 69 people are in the process of being deported and 31 of them will be deported this week. 

Haleem said that they are looking into why expats are living illegally and if their sponsors are found to be negligent, action would be taken against them. 

And Immigration operations would allow expats to turn themselves in and would be given the opportunity to change in to the employment of another.