Special operation next weet to find illegal expats

Foreigners at the Republic Square. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Immigration has said that they would be launching a special operation next week to find illegal expatriates. 

Media Official of Immigration, Hassan Khaleel, told Sun Media that the operation would begin in Addu City and talks are underway with the relevant authorities to begin the operation. 

He said that the operation in being targeted in Addu City due to complaints of illegal expats. And similar operations have been conducted in Addu in the past. 

Khaleel said that the goal of the operation is not punishment, and so would allow illegal expatriates to turn themselves in. And those who does not turn themelves in would be deported. 

The Immigration Media Official said that a second chance would be given to expatriates depending on their situation. He said that some companies bring in expats and let them go; in which case the expatriates are not at fault. 

Immigration has previously said that there are over 200,000 expatriates employed in the Maldives with a large percentage being illegal.