President to make weekend trip to L. Atoll for TfG Coca-Cola Long Run

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (C) gestures as he warms up for the football match of the Dhulhaheyo Hashiheyo Eid sports festival on November 20, 2018. (File Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is scheduled to travel to L. Atoll to take part in the Coca-Cola Long Run 2019 this weekend.

The marathon – organized by TfG (Total Fitness Group) – will be held at the L. Link Road - a scenic road which connects four of the atoll’s islands – on Saturday.

President’s Spokesperson, Ibrahim Hoodh has confirmed the President will be taking part in the event.

Solih – a regular at marathons and fitness events - is scheduled to travel to L. Atoll on Friday.

It will mark the first time for Solih to travel to L. Atoll since assuming presidency on November 17, 2018.

The TfG Long Run is a popular annual marathon, which enjoyed over 800 participants in 2018.