Amana Takaful insurance service now available from Tree Top

Tree Top Hospital, Hulhumale'. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Amana Takaful’s medical insurance service are now available from the Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumale’.

Tree Top, the country’s largest tertiary hospital, reports it has introduced cashless inpatient and outpatient service for Amana Takaful’s medical insurance customers.

Tree Top says the collaboration between the hospital and Amana Takaful means customers of the insurance company will now be able to receive services from the hospital using their insurance cards.

It also said that as a leading medical insurance provider in the Maldivian market, Amana Takaful aimed to continuously expand its coverage.

“The service introduced by Tree Top Hospital and Amana Takaful means our customers will receive quality healthcare from the Tree Top Hospital with ease,” reads the statement issued by the hospital.

Tree Top recently introduced Aasandha health insurance and other private health insurance services at the hospital.

The hospital says its objective was to perfect its services and has revised the prices of all its services to make it more affordable.

Tree Top Hospital, an investment of USD 110 million, has the latest medical equipment and machinery and offers the latest services with private rooms in five categories and 210 beds.

The hospital also has two presidential suites, specialist clinics and offers modern laboratory and scan services.