EPA makes identities of citizens who dump garbage public

Garbage dumped on the corner of Ma. Gomashige, located in Chaandhanee Magu, Male' City. (Photo/EPA)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has started publicizing names of people found guilty of littering and dumping garbage in streets.

EPA, in a tweet this Sunday, disclosed the names of three people penalized with a dumping and littering fine and posted pictures of the locations where the offenses took place.

Husham Ali from B. Thulhadhoo was fined for dumping garbage outside Ma. Shifran in Dhevinamagu, Zubaidha Ali from H. Dh. Neykurendhoo was fined for dumping garbage in the corner of Ma. Gomashige in Chaandhanee Magu, and Abdulla Mahir from Lh. Naifaru was fined for dumping garbage in the junction of Maaveyo Magu and Gulhazaaru Goalhi.

This marks the first time for EPA to disclose the identities of the individuals who are fined for dumping garbage or littering.

EPA, last Wednesday, announced it fined a citizen for dumping and littering, but only disclosed the name of the citizen’s residence, H. Handhuvareege.

EPA is empowered to impose fines under Waste Regulation. The regulation calls for MVR 300 from first time offenders, MVR 500 from repeat offenders, and the authority to impose a higher fine depending of the level of negative environmental impact based on the nature of the garbage that is dumped.

Environment Police were introduced to Maldives in August, 2018 under the ‘Saafu Raajje’ initiative to support efforts to keep Maldivian islands clean and free from garbage.