Fishing boat, 14-year-old boy find ambergris in R. Atoll

Substance believed to be ambergris discovered by 14-year-old boy from R. Ennamaadhoo on January 2, 2019.

A 14-year-old boy has discovered what is believed to be ambergris washed up the shores of R. Innamaadhoo.

The boy’s uncle, President of Innamaadhoo Council, Moosa Niyaz says his nephew discovered the ambergris at the beach in the north-side of Innamaadhoo this Wednesday morning.

The substance has not yet been tested, but the elders of the island believe it to be a valuable type of ambergris, says Niyaz.

“Considering where he found the ambergris, it may have washed up ashore about two days ago,” said Niyaz.

The substance weighs 240 grams and is being stored in water.


The discovery by the 14-year-old boy from R. Atoll follows report of another ambergris discovery made this week from the same atoll.

Ambergris found by R. Dhuvaafaru fishing boat, Manfaa, on December 31, 2018.

Dhuvaafaru fishing boat, Manfaa, discovered what is believed to be a particularly pricy type of ambergris weighing 800 grams last Monday when they were out to pick sea cucumber.

A fisherman from the boat, Mohamed Ahmed from R. Kadholhudhoo, said the substance tested positive for ambergris.

Mohamed Ahmed said the fishermen found the ambergris in the area between Vakkaru Reef and R. Mahidhu.

He said he wishes to sell the ambergris and distribute the money between the five fishermen on board during the time of the discovery and the fishing boat.

The market price of ambergris in Maldives is an average of MVR 15-25 per gram.