Blazon launches Maldives Business Talks

CEO of Blazon Inc, Hassan Hilmy. (File Photo/Blazon)

Blazon Inc has launched a monthly one-day conference for local business owners, Maldives Business Talks.

Blazon says the purpose of Maldives Business Talks is to provide a platform where business owners, executives and policymakers can confer and generate innovative ideas to develop the business sector and draft business-related policies.

“The goal is to establish a platform where all stakeholders can get together and discuss and exchange ideas. Such a platform is essential to businesses and policy executives to overcome challenges and create opportunities for emerging industries,” said Hassan Hilmy, CEO of Blazon.

The company reports industry experts will hold penal discussions on a new topic each month. And leading business owners will hold TED Talk-style speeches at the event.

The first session of Maldives Business Talks will be held in January, and will focus on the construction and real estate industry.

Blazon has also planned an annual gala, which will be held in December 2019, and will cover all topics discussed during the year.

Blazon is a local marketing, PR and business management company. It hosts the Maldives Business Awards and publishes the monthly business magazine – Maldives Business Review.