5 injured in collision between fishing boat and passenger ferry

Passenger ferry damaged after colliding with a fishing boat off the coast of G. Dh. Haodigala on December 29, 2018. (Photo/Facebook)

Five people have been injured in a collision between a fishing boat and passenger ferry speedboat off the coast of an uninhabited island located near G. Dh. Thinadhoo.

Maldives Police Service says the collision was reported to the authority at 11:15 pm last Saturday.

All five injured in the collision are being treated at the Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in Thinadhoo.

“Sun” has been informed the ferry involved in the collision belongs to luxury resort, Amari Havodda Maldives. And the collision took place off the coast of the uninhabited island, G. Dh. Haodigala.

The injured parties, all Maldivians, reportedly did not sustain any critical injuries.

Both the fishing boat and the ferry sustained massive damages in the collision.