CSC: No employee will lose their job

President of the Civil Service Commission, Dr. Ali Shameem. (Sun Photo/Maahil Mohamed)

Civil Service Commission (CSC) has said that the change in the structure of government institutes does not mean any civil servant will be losing their job.

The Commission made the statement following the concerns of the employees of the Housing Ministry after the ministry was split into two and some employees could lose their jobs as per a new change to the regulation of CSC.  

A statement issued by the CSS today said that no civil servant would lose their job due to a change in the government structure. And if such a situation arises, the CSC would do all they can to find another job for that employee.

While the CSC has made the statement, a group of employees of the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure filed a petition against the new regulation.

President of CSC, Dr. Ali Shameen, told Sun Media that civil servants were being let go under regulations of the CSC. And the new regulation that came into effect today is part of that initial regulation with some details defined.


The regulation states that if an employee is being let go, they should be given a three month notice. During which time, the employees will be given the full salary and allowances.