Temporary halt on registration of vehicles without designated garages in Hulhumale’

File photo of a vehicle parking area in Hulhumale'. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

A temporary suspension has been put in place on registration services for vehicles without designated garages as Housing Development Corporation warns it has run out of parking space in Hulhumale’.

HDC issued a statement last Sunday saying it the number of vehicles imported into Hulhumale’ has increased over the past three months. It announced that the parking areas for vehicles without a designated garage is now full.

“Therefore, we announce registration services for vehicles without a designated garage has been temporarily suspended until additional parking areas are established in Hulhumale’ and parking regulations are compiled and published,” wrote HDC in its statement.

The suspension was put in place last Sunday.

Regulation dictates a special permit from HDC before vehicles can be brought into Hulhumale’. Only one vehicle can be registered per housing unit, per guesthouse, per business unit and per building without an inbuilt garage.