Shantey arrested with 7 kilos of narcotics

Shaheen Ibrahim Didi, 38. (File Photo)

Local bodybuilding star, Shaheen Ibrahim Didi (Shantey) has been apprehended by the authorities with 7 kilos of narcotics.

Shantey, a national award winner, was arrested by Maldives Police Service last Monday night.

Maldives Police Service announced on Monday that the authority arrested a 38-year-old male with 7 kilos of narcotics in a drug operation at Male’ City. It did not disclose the identity of the arrestee and promised to disclose further details later.

“Sun” has been able to confirm through sources that the identity of the arrestee is Shantey.

Shantey, a former Mr. Maldives has won multiple awards in bodybuilding including a gold medal for Maldives at the Asian Bodybuilding Championship in 2017 and received The President’s Medal for his achievement earlier this year.