2019 gets Annual Budget over 30 Billion

Maldivian Parliament.

The parliament has passed a budget of MVR 30 billion for the year 2019.

Initially, the proposed budget for the coming year was MVR 26.6 billion but the budget was increased by the budget committee.

All 73 MPs that took part in the vote at the parliament sitting tonight.

The increased budget include:

An additional MVR 25 million to the Foreign Ministry.

Additional MVR 50 million to Higher Education to facilitate free education up to the first degree.

Added MVR 1.2 million for the Allowance for Former Presidents to include former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Additional 31.89 million to the parliament budget.

MVR 37 million to the Department of Judicial Administration.

MVR 458.1 million to the PSIP.


The report from the budget committee said that the new changes to the budget will the state debt in 2019 will go up by 61.3 percent.