Multiple directors dismissed from State companies

Several directors have dismissed from BODs of State companies.

President of Privatization and Corporatization Board, Mohamed Nizar announced the directors were dismissed this Thursday.


  • Ahmed Aiman, Chairman, State Electric Company Limited
  • Ahmed Zuhoor, Managing Director, State Electric Company Limited
  • Mohamed Rasheed, Chairman, Greater Male’ Industrial Zone Limited
  • Mohamed Simon, Managing Director, Greater Male’ Industrial Zone Limited
  • Mohamed Shahid, Chairman, Housing Development Corporation
  • Ahmed Nasif, Managing Director, Housing Development Corporation
  • Ahmed Bunyameen, Housing Development Corporation
  • Ahmed Shafeeu, Chairman, Island Aviation Services Limited
  • Abdul Haris, Managing Director, Island Aviation Services Limited
  • Iqbal Adam, Chairman, Fenaka Corporation
  • Idhrees Ismail, Managing Director, Maldives Hajj Corporation
  • Ahmed Niyaz, Chairman, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company
  • Ibrahim Ziyath, Managing Director, Maldives Transport and Contracting Company
  • Mohamed Latheef, Managing Director, Addu International Airport Private Limited
  • Mohamed Ashmaly, Chairman, Dhiraagu Public Limited
  • Mariyam Azra Ahmed, Chairperson, Public Service Media
  • Ibrahim Khaleel, Managing Director, Public Service Media
  • Mohamed Ikram Abdul Latheef, Deputy Managing Director, Public Service Media
  • Ihsan Abdul Ghanee, Chairman, Maldives Sports Corporation
  • Abdul Razzaq Ibrahim, Managing Director, Maldives Sports Corporation

Several board members of State companies had already resigned during the transition period before President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s inauguration.

They include:

  • Ahmed Shaheer, Managing Director, State Trading Organization
  • Abdul Razzaq Haleem, Maldives Ports Limited