Police investigate deleted PSM archive

Building where Public Service Media's television channel, TVM is located. (File Photo/Sun)

A forensic team from Maldives Police Service entered the Public Service Media’s television channel, TVM headquarters, this Monday morning, to investigate the deletion of videos and audio from the station’s archives.

‘Sun’ can confirm the forensic team has been operating inside the building since this Monday morning.

An official from PSM reported to ‘Sun’ that the police are investigating the deletion of a folder from the station’s archive which included all video, audio and photographs of events covered in 2018.

“[The daily events folder] is located is a system at the editing booth. The folder was deleted from the VIP editing booth. The booth is dedicated to events by President and high-ranking State officials,” said the official, who works at the newsroom at PSM.

The official said the CCTV camera located at the editing booth is not operational due to damage.

The official said the editing booth is accessible only to newsroom staff and that the folder is believed to have been deleted sometime during Sunday night.