Final Voter's List announced

Inside a previous election. (Sun file photo/Mohamed Afrah)

The final Voter's List for the Presidential Election on 23 September has been issued by the Maldives Elections Commission. 

The list released tonight show 262,135 people eligible to vote in the election. 

With ballot boxes to be placed at every inhabited island in the country, there would be 122 boxes in the capital, Male' City. 

A total of 472 ballot boxes is set for the election with 302 of them being in the atolls and 35 boxes in selected resorts. Four ballot boxes are set to be placed in prisons along with two at industrial islands, Gan Regional Airport and Velana International Airport. 

There would be four ballot boxes placed abroad as well in India, Trivandrum, London, UK, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

While the Voter's List has been issued tonight, the Elections Commission said that candidates would be given the list to sign very soon.