HRCM: Fair election possible

Inside the Local Council Election on 6 May 2017. (Sun PhotoFayaz Moosa)

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has said that the Maldives currently has a political environment to have a free and fair election. 

In a statement issued by the HRCM today that an election free of any influence is one of the most important right that needs to be granted to the people in a democracy and that freedom must be given in the Presidential Election next month. 

The Commission said that they are working in three parts to ensure a free election. And so observations are  set to be made in the lead up to the election, during the voting and post election. 

And the Human Rights Commission are going to research the amendments made to the election laws, monitor media outlets before, during and after the election and meet with political parties. The Commission would also be meeting with the relevant authorities to discuss the different cases that are reported. 

The Commission said that the Maldives currently has established an environment for a free election and advised the political parties and the public to maintain it. 

HRCM also called to the political figures not to create hate when campaigning for the election.