NCTC: Zubair went to Syria with wife and two children

Zubair, who went to join the Syrian war taking his wife and two children.

National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC) has said that the victim of a brutal killing in the Syrian civil war, Ahmed Zubairu took his wife and two children as well when he went to Syria. 

In a statement issued by the NCTC tonight said that Zubairu harbored extremist views and he has a record of trying to spread his extremist views. The statement said that Zubairu is on the list of people who have left the Maldives to join the Syrian Civil War. 

The NCTC said that they are working with the relevant authorities to verify the details on his death and the days leading up to it. 

Some media outlets in the Maldives reported today that Zubairu was fighting in the Syrian Civil War on the side of IS and he was brutally killed by decapitation by a group of Maldivians fighting with another extremist group in the war, Tahrir al-Sham. 

The Maldivian government has said tha there are about 50 Maldivians fighting for the extremists groups in the Syrian Civil War.