Vote issue in JP running mate selection taken to court

Moosa Anwar who filed suit against Jumhoory Party regarding the running mate selection.

Jumhoory Party member, Moosa Anwar has filed suit against his party saying that there was an issue with one of the votes to select the opposition running mate in the upcoming Presidential Election in September. 

Jumhoory Party elected the MP for Kaashidhoo constituency, Faisal Naseem with 15 votes from the party's Council. A close second was Ali Hussain with 14 votes. 

Moosa Anwar's suit at the Civil Court says that the party's decision to invalidate one vote is questionable. Anwar has requested the court to rule the invalidated vote as a vote for Ali Hussain and order a second round of voting on Jumhoory Party. 

He has said that putting a cross on all the other candidates and leaving the space for Ali Hussain empty on the ballot indicates it was a vote for him.