Land reclamation to begin this month for Hulhule' parking area

Velana International Airport on Hulhule'. (Photo/MACL)

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has said that land reclamation for the parking area in Hulhule' is set begin this month before the opening of the Sinamale' Bridge. 

The land reclamation from the Hulhumale' lagoon is contracted to Dubai's Gulf Cobla. 

MACL told Sun Media today that an area of 34,000 square feet will be reclaimed from the lagoon for the parking area. The south lagoon entrance to Hulhule' has now been closed off for the project. 

MACL said that they are working to complete the parking area by the time the bridge development is complete. 

Previously, the company said that vehicles using the bridge can choose to go up to the airport terminal but would not be allowed to stay in that area.