President: EU will enforce sanctions against Maldives in mid-July

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom gestures in the middle of his speech at Sh. Bileffahi on July 2, 2018. (Photo/President's Office)

European Union (EU) has threatened the Maldivian government with economic sanctions against the country, which is expected to be enforced mid-July, says Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Yameen made the statement during his speech at M. Dhiggaru – the first stop in his two-day tour of M. Atoll – this Tuesday morning.

Yameen said the EU has informed the Maldivian government it will be enforcing economic sanctions against Maldives.

He said the Maldivian government tried to negotiate with EU over its decision, but that the organization had rejected all attempts to negotiate, saying there was no more room for discussion regarding the decision.

He alleged the EU was solely reliant on information supplied to them by the Maldivian opposition.

President Yameen said that the opposition are joyously talking about the sanctions but his response to it concern. 


The President said that despite EU threats, there are principles his government would stand firmly on. And even if steps are taken against the Maldives, there are things the Maldives would not accept such as allowing for another faith besides Islam in the country. 

"Even today I want to say, no matter how much the (European) Union order it, all these criminals cannot be freed and (we) can't make them people not criminals. And the MPs who have ruled as lost their seats (at the Parliament), I can't make it so that they didn't lose them." President Yameen said. 

President Yameen said that it is not acceptable to take measures for not having things how the EU wants them to be. 

"For me, my government, has received that threat. To resolve this, we are talking with different people of the (European) Union. But changing the minds of people who have made a specific decision would not be easy. For everything we say, what the oppositions say to them is more popular." President said. 

President Yameen said that no one would believe that the former Vice President, Ahmed Adheeb, is not a criminal and there are millions of dollars still missing from the state reserve. 

The President said that Adheeb tried to come to power by blowing up the Presidential Launch and it cannot be taken lightly. President Yameen said that releasing such people would not guarantee the safety of the country.