Majlis allows votes without quorum under ‘extenuating circumstances’

Lawmakers pictured during a sitting at the People's Majlis of Maldives (File Photo/People's Majlis)

The People’s Majlis has passed a motion to allow for votes on bills which affect Maldivian citizens to be taken without the compulsory 43-people quorum.

Speaker of People’s Majlis, MP Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed raised the motion during the Majlis sitting this Wednesday, citing the refusal of lawmakers to attend sittings despite repeated instruction, despite the urgent needed to pass important legislature.

He suggested the Majlis needs to vote on bills even without the necessary quorum of 43 lawmakers under extenuating circumstances.

There were 35 lawmakers present when the motion was asked for vote. 31 lawmakers voted in approval of the motion, and four lawmakers abstained.

Speaker Maseeh suggested the motion after voting on bills related to the elections was delayed for the past two days due to lack of quorum.

Maseeh said it is imperative that the bills be passed ahead of the upcoming Presidential Elections, and that it therefore fit the criteria for ‘extenuating circumstances’.

He asked that lawmakers vote on the reforms to the Elections Act and Presidential Elections Act even without the quorum.