President: I don’t want to see politicians, honorees detained

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom at Sh. Bileffahi on July 2, 2018. (Photo/President's Office)

Seeing political figures and individuals honored for their service to the country behind prison bars is not a pleasant sight, says President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

During his speech at the function to mark the completion of the coastal protection project in Sh. Bileffahi this Monday, Yameen said he experienced many heartbreaks when he came to power. And that certain individuals have tried to deliberately worsen the political environment of the country since then.

He said the lack of adherence to laws and regulations in the events which took place within the People’s Majlis and outside, as well as on the streets have caused numerous damage and led to honorees being imprisoned for crimes.

“They, too, were imprisoned when they were found guilty of the crimes they were charged with by a court of law. Because they couldn’t defend themselves from the crimes the State charged them with, despite their efforts,” said Yameen.

Yameen’s administration had declared a State of Emergency and curtailed certain rights after the Supreme Court ordered the release of nine politicians and the reinstatement of 12 lawmakers to the People’s Majlis on February 1.

Former Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, former Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed and former Maldivian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom – the half-brother of Yameen, along with other key political figures and honorees were arrested during the period for staging a coup d’état.

He said the adverse effects of the imprisonment of such key figures is felt by the whole society.

“We do not don’t want to see political figures, or individuals who have served the people so honorably being imprisoned for such crimes,” said Yameen.