Speedboat headed to H. A. Dhidhdhoo capsizes

An MNDF Coastguard speedboat during an operation at sea. (File Photo/Addu Live)

A speedboat travelling from H. A. JA Manafaru Resort to H. A. Dhidhdhoo capsized off the coast of H. A. Gallandhoo this Saturday morning.

Maldives Police Service reports the speedboat ‘Azum’ was making its way back to Dhidhdhoo after transporting passengers from Dhidhdhoo to JA Manafaru when it capsized.

There were two crew members onboard when the incident took place.

MPS says the two crew members were rescued with the assistance of the authority and transported to Dhidhdhoo.

A source who spoke ‘Sun’ from Dhidhdhoo said the boat tipped over due to a strong wave.