Dr. Didi appointed the new Chief Justice

Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi (L) receives his letter of appointment as Chief Justice from President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom (R) at the President's Office on June 28, 2018. (Photo/President's Office)

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has appointed Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi as the country’s new Chief Justice.

Dr. Didi, who had been serving a judge at the Supreme Court, won the backing of the People’s Majlis with the vote of 36 lawmakers at the sitting held last Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, former High Court judges Abdulla Didi and Abdul Ghanee Mohamed have been appointed to the two vacant seats at the Supreme Court.

Both Abdulla Didi and Abdul Ghanee Mohamed also won the Majlis’ backing during the sitting held last Wednesday night. They both received 36 votes.

The new Chief Justice Dr. Didi and the two new Supreme Court judges Abdulla Didi and Abdul Ghanee Mohamed were sworn into office by Supreme Court judge Abdulla Areef, in front of Yameen, in a function held at the President’s Office this Thursday morning.

All three received their letters of appointment by Yameen during the function.

Dr. Didi received his higher education at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

Educational qualifications:

  • First Class Honors PhD in Public International Law
  • Excellent Class Master’s Degree in Constitutional Law
  • Postgraduate Degree in Public Law
  • Bachelor of Law in Trial and Legal Studies

Dr. Didi received his license to practice law in 1996 and started working as a legal consultant in both Maldives and Egypt.

He served as Deputy Attorney General in 2008 and as the Counsel-General at the People’s Majlis in 2010.

His academic career includes working as a lecturer at the Faculty of Sharia and Law of Maldives National University and Maldives College of Islamic Studies. He has taught classes in Public International Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Islamic Constitutional Law and Islamic Criminal Law.

He is also a member of the Egyptian Society of International Law and Islamic Fiqh Academy of Maldives.

Dr. Didi has served as lawyers at the Criminal Court and the High Court prior to his appointment to the Supreme Court.