Two Addu Councilors injured in traffic incident

Addu City Councilors Hussain Hiyaz (R) and the Deputy Mayor of Addu City Mohamed Yasrif following the traffic incident on 24 June 2018. (Photo/VFP)

Two members of the Addu City Council has been injured after they lost control of their motorcycle skidded across the road. 

The injured councilors are the Hussain Hiyaz of the Councilor for Meedhoo constituency and the Councilor for south Hithadhoo constituency, Deputy Mayor Mohamed Yasrif. 

Councilor Hiyaz told Sun Media that the incident took place around 1:30 p.m. today. 

He said that they were going to the Council Officer from the Suvadheeb Cafe' and lost control of the vehicle at the corner of the police station nearby. 

Hiyaz said that his wrist was dislocated in the incident and Yasrif injured his mouth and his lips were swollen and bleeding. 

He said that they have decided to go to Male' City for further treatment.