Maldivian cultural center being developed in Malaysia

Maldivian Ambassador for Malaysia, , Mohamed Fahumee Hassan (L) giving awards to the winners of the Quran recitation competition hosted by the Maldivian Embassy in Malaysia. (Photo/Twitter)

A Maldivian Education and Cultural Center (MECC) is set to be opened in Malaysia. 

The Maldivian Ambassador to Malaysia, Mohamed Fahumee Hassan told Sun Media that they are working to open the cultural center this June. 

Ambassador Fahumee said that the cultural center was discussed in the former Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak's visit to the Maldives. And it was also discussed and approved from the new Prime Minister, Mahathir Bin Mohamed. 

He said that cultural center is set to teach the Dhivehi, (Maldivian local language) Quran and Islamic studies when it opens. And that teachers are being sough through the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the Education Ministry. 

"To learn Dhivehi and Islam, even now over 50 students have noted their names. When classes begin, student numbers are believed to increase." Ambassador Fahumee said. 

He also said that a Futsal tournament is being planned for the Eid holidays. 

A MECC is being run in Colombo, Sri Lanka as well at the Maldivian property, Sosun Vilaa. Along with Dhivehi and Islam studies, SSC exams are also held at the MECC along with different social activities for the Maldivian community living in Sri Lanka.