MIRA sues Mega Maldives for MVR 76.9M

A Mega Maldives flight at the airport runway. (File Photo)

The Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has sued the bankrupt Maldivian international airline Mega Maldives for MVR 76.9 million in unpaid taxes and fines.

Mega Maldives has declared bankruptcy and shut down its operations in face of financial difficulties.

MIRA filed two lawsuits against Mega Maldives last week.

The first lawsuit is for MVR 63,798,446 in unpaid withholding tax and fines; and the second lawsuit is for USD 851,202 and MVR 2,800 in unpaid airport tax and fee and fines.

The total figure stands at MVR 76,926,780.84.

Both the lawsuits have been accepted into the Civil Court.

The Civil Court last week ordered Mega Maldives – which is currently in the process of liquidation – to reimburse 33 of its employees for pay cuts.

The amount of money Mega Maldives has been ordered to reimburse totals USD 62,930.35 (MVR 970,389.54) so far.