Arif: 5 years not enough time give everything the public wants

MP Ali Arif speaking at a previous PPM event - Sun file photo: Mohamed Afrah

MP for Kelaa constituency, Ali Arif, has said that no president can deliver on giving everything the people want in just five years. 

Speaking at the PPM event "Ahunves Raees Yameenaa eku" at Haa Alifu Ihavandhoo, MP Arif said that President Yameen didn't just spin words in the form of manifesto to get elected and he did not drop the work. 

Instead, Arif said, that President Yameen has brought social and economic development to the country that it has never seen before. 

He said that five years is sufficient time for any president, anywhere in the world, to deliver on their promises to the people. 

MP Arif said that Maldivians are grateful, decent people but a tricky democracy has the put up walls between people. He called on the public not to get caught in that trap. 

The MP for Baarah constituency, Ibrahim Sujaau also spoke at the event saying that President Yameen is not doing some minor work but the work of protecting the Islamic faith. But there are challenges in that work, said the MP, and having the fulfilled their responsibility in taking the country to shores of safety, Haa Alifu Atoll has to stand with Preisdent Yameen. 

MP for Hoarafushi constituency, Mohamed Ismail, also spoke at the event saying that atolls from Haa Alifu to Noonu must appreciate the work of President Yameen and become the atolls to give most votes to re-elect President Yameen.