EC: No party rejected invitation for talks

Inside the press conference by the Elections Commission to announce the talks with the political parties in the Maldives - Sun Photo: Mohamed Afrah

Elections Commission (EC) has said that no political party has rejected the invitation to take part in the pre-election talks. 

Member of EC, Ahmed Akram told Sun Media that the meetings would be on schedule and start today. 

Akram made the remarks after the Secretary General of Jumhooree Party, Ahmed Sameer, at yesterday's opposition press conference, said that the opposition coalition would not be taking part in any talks. 

Sameer said that the EC is trying to get the opposition's preparation for the election and pass the information to PPM. 

Regarding the opposition's remarks, EC's Akram said that the Commission is not meeting the parties to ask about their preparations for the election. And the aim of the meetings is to share the preparation by the Commission with the political parties. 

Elections Commission is set to start the meetings today.