Police Officer dies in training

Body of the deceased police officer during training, brought to Male' City last night - Sun Photo: Mohamed Shammoon

A Police Officer in training at the Dhaalu atoll Vaanee Police Training School has passed away. 

Maldives Police Service too has confirmed the death late last night. 

Spokesperson of the Police, Superintendent Ahmed Shifan, said that an officer in basic training at their Training School was taken to Dhaalu Atoll Hospital for medical treatment after he fell ill was passed away has he was being transported to Male' City. 

Superintended Shifan said that the officer passed away around 11:48 p.m. last night and further details on the death will be released later. 

Sun Media has learned that the deceased is the Constable from Shaviyani Komandoo, Ahmed Vifaag. 

While his body was brought to Male' City last night, Defence Minister, Adam Shareef Umaru and the acting Commissioner of Police, Abdulla Nawaz and other high ranking officials were present at the jetty. 

High ranking officials of the police at the jetty as the body of the deceased police officer arrived in Male' City last night

The  body of the deceased is now at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital. Sources say that the family is now being brought to Male' City from Komandoo.