Elderly victim of Addu Link Road accident dies

An accident took place on the Addu Link Road on April 1, 2018, resulting in one fatality. (Photo/Twitter)

The elderly man injured in the Addu Link Road accident last Sunday night has passed away.

The victim has been identified as Abdulla Manikufaanu from Dhunburuvaage.

He was riding his bicycle in the Addu Link Road, in the Feydhoo harbor area when he was hit by a car driving at high speed.

Eye witnesses report Abdulla Manikufaanu was run over by the car in the accident.

A source from Feydhoo who spoke to “Sun” said Abdulla Manikufaanu was taken to the health center in a stretcher by bystanders as the health center’s ambulance driver had not been available at the time.

Abdulla Manikufaanu was later transferred to the Hithadhoo Regional Hospital, and passed away while under treatment at the Intensive Care Unit.

His funeral will be held after noon prayer this Monday.